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Welcome to your SunShine and Vitamin D Headquarters . . . . . Where It's Always Sunny and Warm!! . . . . . Just Dial (401) GET-TANN / 438-8266 . . . . . Open Mondays Through Saturdays !!

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We wish to thank all of our clients for their high praise and making this page possible! We are always interested in hearing your views and comments. Please forward them to our e mail at


Great Spray Tan
posted by Linda B - Yellow Pages
I went in & received the complete spray on Tan. My friends all went in the next day. I was amazed how natural it looked.
They advised me to do Medium so I went along with it and I was very pleased. My 3 friends were also Happy.

Great people. Excellent salon.


Excellant Salon
posted by Linda K 24 - Yellow Pages

I was very impressed with the clean, modern appearance. I was also very pleased to have a staff that made me feel at home. The equipment is top notch and a very wide variety of both beds and booths. This was the largest salon I have ever been in. I went in their 7 minute booth it was the best.

Sincerly Linda K 


Briana M
Providence RI
posted by Briana M on Yelp

First time I went tanning here I was Sixteen. Fifteen years later. Sun Sational is every bit as clean, the bulbs, beds and booths every bit as updated, and the staff is every bit as nice as they were back in the nineties. I know , hard to believe that something that was around in the nineties is still around, but it's true. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to be their customer ( or is that my bronzer? ) as it is a family business and the owners do everything they can to offer a quality experience to their customers.

As I can't do the beds because it makes me feel like I am gonna fall through the glass and singe my body on the bulbs ( hey we all have our phobias ! ) I am much more of a stand-up kinda girl ( plus it means I can dance along to the piped-in pop music! ) They have many levels of updated booths, and are constantly updating their offerings of booths and beds so customers can go from Queen Elizabeth to George Hamilton in no time with Sun Sational. They also offer spray tanning ( which I've heard GREAT things about ), leg and face tanning machines, and huge selection of tanning lotions. Also they are open seven days a week.

Go and see Bob. He's a great guy.... plus , he has a mustache !

Thanks Bob
Letter from Mike G 

I was tanning at your salon in East providence and then I moved to Cumberland so my girlfriend took me to try the salon she was going to. It was a large franchise that I won't mention the name. I went with her and tanned there several times , but it was not the same. I then decided it was time to go back to SunSational .I took my girlfriend to your salon and she was very impressed with everything, the family atmosphere, the large choice of equipment and the large selection of different packages and lotion. As you now know we are both loyal customers

Thanks Bob
Mike & Kathy G

PS We love your salon it always looks GREAT ! 

Thanks So Much !
Letter from Kevin B

Thank you for providing me with your vast knowledge of tanning and such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. We went to the carribean without burning thanks to the pre tanning we received from your salon. I wish all businesses would treat thier customers as you and your staff do , and I will recommend you to all my associates.
Thanks again for your help Kevin B


Meets Expectations
( Highly Recommend )
posted by Crysal G on Yelp
Pawtucket RI

I have yet to find another tanning salon that meets my expectations like SunSational does ! My first tanning experience was here and I always come back. Always so clean, Extra friendly staff, and Updated machines. VersaSpa better coverage results than other VersaSpa's I have used. 

I'm not so familiar with other tanning prices/packages but theirs seems reasonable! perhaps more than some places but it is definitely reflected by quality, etc.


Tanning Salons
posted by Tony1949 on Yellow Pages



Five Stars
posted by Kim B - Super Pages

The salon was clean, spacious with more equipment I've seen in any salon. I received great service and it was reasonably priced. I was very impressed. I would recommend this salon to any & everybody. It has it all. 
Kim B


posted by LVL on Yelp

I have been a customer for 10 years at this amazing tanning salon. I frequently recommend it to my friends. The prices are reasonable but the service is what kept me coming back. Bob the owner & his wife are incredibly friendly & knowledgeable. Beds & booths are always being updated & always clean. Plenty of parking & located in a plaza that has a nail salon & dry cleaner/seamstress... Talk about convenience.

Sincerly Linda K


First Impressions
posted by Deirdre S on Yelp
Riverside RI

Checked them out for the first time yesterday. Got a great deal on lotion and signed up for a very reasonable package. One of many offered. Looking forward to using the VersaSpa sunless tanning system. I did my research and prefer this method to some of the others out there. The place was very clean and inviting and the staff wasn't pushy or "salesy"


I'm Hooked
posted by Bailey M on Yelp
Providence, RI

I came here because of Briana M's reviews.

I've been coming here for about 3 months now and I've been waiting to write a review until I could talk about an overall experience. I have to say that I am hooked.

Because I don't have a car, this place is kind of a pain to get to on the bus, but I've come in the rain, the wind, and the snow, and normally spend about 2 hours round trip each time to pay for my $18 tan. But the pain is worth it.

I only use the VersaSpa which is considered one of the best in the industry. This spray tan machine is great because it takes only about 120 seconds to do and the color is even and perfect each time. Actually , the color is only even if the owner regularly cleans the nozzles which they Do do here -- ( I've had bad "freckles" experience at another salon ) And the next morning when I wake up I have glowing beautiful brown skin and I can pretent that I really live in Costa Rica, not frigin New England.

The owner of the store is a great businessman and a true professional. I would imagine that it would be easy for some sketchy gross guy to open up a tanning salon where young girls come in their bikini's but this guy is wonderful.

My only complaint is that I want them to open more locations !!