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The Real Truth About Tanning!

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Research Studies: Click On Any Of The Links Below To Learn About The Real Truths Of Sunlight And Indoor Tanning.
Not What A Friend Of A Friend Said — Know The Real Facts!

The Vitamin D Cure

The Healing Power of Sunlight & Vitamin D

The Healing Power of  Sunlight & Vitamin D
An Exclusive Interview with
Dr. Michael Holick

The Healing Sun
The Healing Sun
Sunlight & Health in
The 21st Century

Sunlight Robbery

Health Benefits of
Don't Be Denied Yours!

Why Sunshine is Good For You

Why Sunshine is Good For You!
And Why Doctors Don't
Want You to Know?

Harvard Medical School & Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School &  Dana Farber Cancer Institute
How Tanning Protects Against Melanoma Skin Cancer

D — Why You Need This Healing Vitamin
D — Why You Need This Healing Vitamin
Are You Getting Enough?

Norway Institute for Cancer Research

Norway Institute for  Cancer Research

Solar Power for Optimal Health
Solar Power for Optimal Health!
by Dr. Mark Sorenson
& Dr. William Grant

Eyewear Protection

Eyewear Protection
Why Should I Wear Eyewear?

Tanning in the News

Tanning in the News
Sunshine — The D Vitamin

Facts About Tanning

Facts About Tanning
Common Questions & Answers

The UV Advantage

The UV Advantage
Vitamin D Deficiency

Tanning Truth

Tanning Truth
The Fundamentals About Tanning

The Vitamin D Society

The Vitamin D Society
The Wonder Vitamin

*Top Cancer Doctor Says Get Your Sun, Indoors or Out

Naked At Noon
The Importance of Sunlight and Vitamin D